Vimas imaging SDK
Version 5.0
Price $400
Upgrade $200
Download (22.8 Mb)

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VIMAS IMAGING SDK allows to customize and use in your application image processing algorithms developed in VIMAS Technologies. This product substitutes two other ones: Image Optimization SDK and Image Server SDK.

VIMAS IMAGING SDK can be effectively used in Win32 and .Net applications, multimedia databases, as a powerful image optimization engine for image compression, color palette tunes ups, thumbnail generation, image format conversions, export, batch processing and other functions. It can also be effectively used in Internet Image servers and E-commerce applications, Web publishing tools, Web-based multimedia databases.

The main features of the VIMAS IMAGING SDK are:

  • Effective support of Microsoft COM, .Net 1.1, and .Net 2.0 technologies.
  • Process images directly within your ASP, ASP .Net (1.1 and 2.0), ColdFusion or custom server applications.
  • Image files format conversion from files or memory buffers
  • Image acquisition with both TWAIN and WIA devices.
  • Advanced printing support.
  • Simple, yet rich and effective viewing components.

  • High quality color reduction algorithm.
  • Advanced shadow/highlight and color correction algorithms.
  • Text to image functionality.
  • Supporting for PNG8 images with alpha transparency (Palette Alpha).
  • Simple to use, yet effective weighting optimization for JPEG, GIF, and PNG8 compression.
  • Effective filters for noise reduction.
  • Powerful JPEG compression algorithm.
  • Rich set of shape effects.

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