Web Image Guru
Version 5.5.7
Price $39
Upgrade $10-20
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Image Guider

Image Guider is a useful utility that allows you to efficiently browse and organize images on your computer. VIMAS Technologies offers two different versions of this software: 3.2 and 5.5.
Image Guider version 3.2 is freeware, but version 5.5 is currently available as part of the Web Image Guru Suite 5.5 only.

Image Guider 5.5 key features are:

  • Fast high quality thumbnail generation engine.
  • Native support for such removable devices as digital cameras, scanners, and USB video cameras.
  • Simple, yet attractive and tunable user interface.
  • Tight integration with Web image Guru Suite 5.5.

With Image Guider 5.5 you can:

  • Browse the folders with preview thumbnails of the images;
  • Easily acquire images from digital photo and video cameras, and scanners;
  • Read full image information;
  • Drag & drop images between folders;
  • Delete, cut and paste images;
  • Preview multiple images in many formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and others;
  • Customize different options for image preview.

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