April, 30, 2014
Audio & Video recording applets are end of life. We do not distribute them anymore. Their source codes will be available for downloading in a few days.

April, 28, 2012
Audio & Video recording applets are resigned with new certificate. Please, download resigned Audio & Video Recording applet SDKs packages from the product web pages for update.

December, 9, 2010
Video Recording Applet SDK version 2.2 is released! Support of Mac OS 10.6 is added.

December, 5, 2010
VIMAS Technologies completed the development of SoundBooth Net .

March, 25, 2010
Finally, new Audio Recording Applet SDK is released!

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  • applications development, based on the audio, video and image digital signal processing algorithms;
  • digital processing algorithms of singing voice;
  • video and audio transmission via Internet;
  • software outsourcing in the areas of the multimedia and general applications development.


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